Community Action Project

Date: March 20-22
Location: UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center

The Tiftarea Celebration’s Community Action Project is focused on feeding the community through Peanut Butter & Jesus and the ABAC Food Pantry. Our prayer is that many souls would be fed through these two service programs. Peanut Butter & Jesus is a community ministry that offers peanut butter & jelly lunches every Saturday to hungry children & families.

The ABAC Food Pantry is geared towards making sure that ABAC students don’t go hungry, by gladly providing assistance to those who may not be able to provide for themselves.

How can you be a part of making this happen?

  1. Visit your local grocery store, and find any of the items listed below
  2. Bring those items with you to the Celebration March 20-22.
  3. Give the items to any of our volunteers at an entrance before each service.

Items needed:

  • Crackers (Lance, Frito-Lay, Ritz, etc.)
  • Snack Cakes (Little Debbie, etc.)
  • Ready Made Boxed Meals (Hamburger Helper, etc.)
  • Macaroni & Cheese – (Individual Bowls or Boxes)
  • Cookies (Oreos, Nutter Butter, Chips Ahoy, etc.)
  • Chips 1 1/2 oz bags (Lay’s, etc.)
  • Chex Mix, Trail Mix, Nuts, Pretzels, etc.
  • Rice Krispy Treats, Pop-tarts, Cheez-It, Goldfish, etc.
  • Meat Snacks (Slim Jim’s, Jerky, etc.)
  • Oatmeal, Granola Bars, etc.
  • Canned Goods (Soup, Fruit, Vegetables)
  • Cereal
  • Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Noodles, etc.
  • Capri-Sun Juice
  • Juice Boxes (Individual or Packets)